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  • COMPANY REVIEW: Why US Airways is the Worst

    Posted on January 6th, 2010 1 comment

    I love hearing about good and bad airlines so I figured I give a little insight on a hobby of mine. As for airline choices, I normally like to stick with the Star Alliance group of companies before venturing into other airlines. Companies outside of Star Alliance that bode well are Jetblue, Westjet, and a few Asian companies that stick out. Well I’m here to say, Star Alliance really screwed up with US Airways.

    US Airways Sucks
    US Airways Sucks

    My first experience with US Airways was a few years back, they lost my luggage and it took months upon months to get reimbursed. Not to mention flight delays on every single connection. After my first experience I vowed to stay away from the airline but then came December 2009. I wanted to get somewhere warm for the holidays and for some reason the only ticket was with US Airways. Figuring things have changed since they joined Star Alliance, I decided to upgrade to first class on the way to Hawaii (for $250 per person) and avoid any type of baggage problems. Granted the security increase and delays were not their fault on December 26th, but they still managed to lose my luggage once again. There was no first class dinner menu, instead my only option was Mahi Mahi and I’m not the biggest fish fan. Not to mention that a flight from Toronto to Hawaii is 14 hours, US Airways had the nerve to tell me it will cost $7 dollars to use a blanket on the plane after I spent $4000 on two tickets (thats what you get for booking during busy season)!

    Alright, so first class was horrible in comparison to my favorites Lufthansa and Air Canada. On my return from Hawaii I had coach seats. As I check in at the airport the first thing they ask for is $50 dollars for my two checked bags. Once I finally take my seat in the plane I find out that in economy class you need to pay for your meal. This airline is starting to sound like Ryanair and Easyjet, but I only paid $50 to fly with them :( suppose to $4500 with US Airways. After countless delays and finally sitting down in my coach seat in the last row, the stewardess announces that they have run out of food.

    Conclusion… I’m a technical kind of guy and US Airways is looking kind of bullish on the stock charts [LCC], but I wouldn’t touch this airline with a 10 foot pole. As for Star Alliance, they better knock this piece of crap airline off their menu. US AIRWAYS SUCKS!

  • The Market Creates a Buying Opportunity

    Posted on October 5th, 2009 No comments

    A new week has begun, earnings season is around the corner and the market has corrected the perfect amount. I see this as a perfect buying opportunity and I’ve been building positions in multiple stocks which I will outline below. First we must ask why this is the best opportunity to buy? No one can be 100% certain but I trust the technicals that I follow. I believe we have heavy support around 1000-1025 on the S&P and I don’t think our market can crack this point. If we do, all my bets are off and all my stops will be hit which is a minimal loss considering we are sitting at 1025 already.

    The stocks which I will be looking at most specifically are Citigroup (C) and General Electric (GE). I like Citigroup at $4.25-45 and I love General Electric at $15.00-50. I’ve taken my first positions late on friday afternoon and I anticipate by the end of October the returns will be substantial. We may see-saw till mid October, but once mid October catches a drift, Citigroup should propell to $6 and General Electric should be at $19. There is one factor that sits in the way and might play against my technicals, and that is earnings. Both companies earn by mid month but since forecasts are fairly conservative, it will be difficult to negatively impact these stocks.

    Lets wait and see. Enjoy trading everyone!

  • Gold Target for Week of September 14th

    Posted on September 14th, 2009 No comments

    Buy: $991 | Stop: $984 | Target: $1015 | Quick Target: $1005

    Barrick Gold Logo

    Barrick Gold Logo

    Before I get into the report a little, I want to speak about a very significant development in the gold mining industry. Just last week, the worlds largest gold miner Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX) announced they will be buying all their hedges at cost of almost 6 billion dollars. This is an incredible development in the gold mining industry. Simply put, Barrick Gold is betting 6 billion dollars that gold will move upwards. The hedge contracts that Barrick had in place created great security for the company, allowing them to make money even if the price of gold went lower. Removing these hedges effectively removes the security blanket and allows them to reap rewards only if the price goes upwards. If they are betting 6 billion dollars that gold is going to go up from here, that sure means a lot to me.

    As for the report, Barrick thinks gold is going up and so do I. I’ve been 100% right in the past month in terms of the gold patterns and I anticipate I will continue to be right going forward. Right now, my signal is buy buy buy. Buy on all pull backs in the 990′s and high 980′s. I see lots of support at 996 and lots of resistence at 1001. If we can break 1001 by Tuesday, we could see a big jump to 1015-20. Enjoy trading everyone!