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  • January ’09 in Review

    Posted on February 16th, 2009 No comments

    Covestor - 1 Month Track Record

    Covestor - 1 Month Track Record

    January was a great month once again. Although my Covestor is saying I’m up modestly for the month and only slightly better then the Index, it simply isn’t true (I’m killing the index!). When I joined Covestor, it took my position and holding prices based on the day I joined, not the actual price I purchased my holdings for. Before joining I purchased AUY at full tilt around $4.25 per share, when I joined Covestor, AUY was at $7+ and I sold AUY at around $6.60. So after making a huge profit, Covestor wasn’t showing the true return (150%+). Here is a graph from Covestor with the tracked success.


    Anyways, January was GREAT. Every trade I made was a winner except NNDS (I lost 5 cents and that was in Feb’09). Below I have lsited my upcoming thoughts on the market for February and forward.

    • 1. DOW should touch 6500-7000. 
    • 2. Silver will lead gold, both will be fantastic plays. I’m building positions in GLD, SLV, ABQ, CA:HGU, UGL. I’ve opted to play ETF’s over the direct miners, although I’m very bull on AUY.
    • 3. Inflation is the key issue, I believe gold/silver has begun its run upwards already, inflation will occur in Q3, and possibly late Q2.
    • 4. TBT is a solid play. I took a nice position in it with another brokerage account. I expect 20+ US treasuries bonds to pay much more then 2.5% interest by end of year. This is almost a given.

    Good luck everyone!